Lisa Mack, a certified thermographic technician, is the owner of Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness. Her personal history of health struggles, born with a congenital heart disease, has provided Lisa with the drive and passion to look at each person as a whole in order to bring balance into each patient’s life.

Practicing holistic nutrition has brought Lisa to Thermography, digital infrared thermal imaging, a radiation-free state-of-the-art screening procedure that captures heat images of the body.

Thermography is an excellent breast health screening tool, currently being recognized for helping women maintain healthy breasts by monitoring for changes over time.

Thermography is a safe, non-contact, non-invasive examination of the breasts. Our Breast Thermogram consists of a detailed health history, 8 images of your breasts at all angles and breast health education such as self breast exam and dry brushing. In addition, you receive an interpretation report and full set of images from a Medical Doctor. Breast Thermography is NOT a stand alone device and does not replace mammography.

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